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I look here at least once a week to see if you have posted anything cause I LOVE your work, and today is my lucky day!!!Keep up the good work, we enjoy it!


Belinda Howlett

Congrats on the weight loss and home schooling! love your work

Megan Stephenson

Well hello precious! How nice is it to see your name light up in my bloglines list?! VERY NICE!!!

Your layouts are beautiful, your children are more gorgeous than words can say, and I know I am slack and need to reply to your last email. Let it be said publicly though, that I adore you and am just incredibly slack with email correspondence!

And please don't let the home schooling conferences completely take over from kiwiscraps and the like....we've still got a bottle of red wine that needs sharing!

love me xx


hey sweetie so glad to see you checking in.
Love your layouts... love that pic too!

Kim G

Hey Mishell, I was thrilled to see you on my bloglines list today - I've missed your gorgeous work and your cute little girlies! I hope you are planning to share what you do with the fiskars/heidi stuff (I didn't get to the post office today so have to wait to see what the new stuff is). So now you know there are at least 5 of us reading LOL!!

Nic Wood

HI Shell, congrats on the weight looss, thats awesome!!! Lovely to see some of your gorgeous work again, and to hear the home schooling is going so well.

Nic xxx

Michelle Tondi

Hi Mishell
Dropped by to get to see if you had updated and yeah.. hi there!!
Hope you are all out of harms way with the storm that's hit up your way!!
Glad to hear alls well with the home schooling.I often think how you are all going, miss you"re smile and classes at Scrapabout Aust..
Stay safe God Bless
god bless

Ali :o)

Hey gorgeous!!!

So glad to see you "back"!!! Woohoo that home-schooling is working out for you all and beautiful scrapping as always ;o)

and YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY about the weightloss!!! You GO, girl!!!

love ya Shell - really am so happy to read that all is going well for you guys!!! :o)

Ali :o)


You write very well.

proxy list

I’m a long time watcher and I just believed I’d drop by and say hello there for your very first time.

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