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Erica Glover

I care lovey!!! I was so excited to see u have updated cause I havent seen u in forever and your blog is the only way for me to keep up with whats going on in your life.

Your looking absolutely fantastic Shell! And your girlies are just the cutest little things. Miss u like crazy, it must be about time u guys had a qld holiday??

Love and hugs
E xx

Megan Stephenson

Hello gorgeous :-)

Who is that skinny minny at the front of the photo?? Look at how fantastically small your bum is Shell! You look sensational!!

I've still got a bottle of red here.....I think we need a get together :-)

I am sorry your kids are sick - it's hard when they all get snotty at the same time.

love me xxx

Kim Archer

woo woo! Who is that spunky thang in the front of the photo there!!!!!!!!!!! You are looking great Mishell!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you updated. Always great to catch up on your news and by the sounds of it you have been busy!! I was born in Wingham and we still have friends there...such a nice little place!! Layouts look great!

Nic Wood

WOW Shell your looking stunning!!!! LOL about wanting some adult company with home schooling, I felt a bit like that doing family day care! Glad your well, and great to see you blogging!

Nic xxx

Karen Latham (Scraper 25)

Great to see that you have updated your blog and Shell you look terrific, absolutely terrific. Sad to hear that you had resigned from SNs but sounds like you have had a very hectic year this year. Your layouts look stunning - especially love the purple one. Have fun at the Fundraiser today. God Bless


Why Mishell your words are so so lovely! I had the best time at the scrap & can't wait until you are back for the next one!

Thanks again for the kind words you gorgeous thing

Donna Wilson

Shell, you're looking absolutely amazing. You go girl!!!!
Take care, and keep updating your blog. I love reading what you've been up to. xxx

Ali :o)

Hey there you gorgeous thing!!!

I ALWAYS read but am often too lazy to comment - sorry!

Often think of you, Nige and the kidlets and hope that you're all doing well!!!

And may I just say you are looking HOOOOOOOOOOT, Shell!!! You've lost a fair bit of weight now, hey matey!!!

Take care and keep updating!!! Love knowing what's happening in your world!

Love ya!
Ali :o) xoxoxo


Just thought I would make a comment so you know there are more thn 7 people reading your blog!! ( and enjoying your work!!)


I really think your scrambles says a lot - thanks for sharing!

Btw: Long time no see, so let me say hello all the way from Norway again and wish you a great end to your week:-)

Michelle G

Wow Shell, You look amazing!!!! Love your LO's here!! So good to catch up with you here!!
Hugs Babe!!!

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