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Jen Hall

yay - you're blogging again!!

Great to see life is good for you guys

sending you hugs

will email you soon

JEN xoxox

Karen Latham

Great to see you blogging again Michell - love seeing some more of your gorgeous layouts and photos too. Looks like you are enjoying your new camera.

Lyn Dwyer

Love all these gorgeous pics of Daisy Mishell.....5 kids.....WOW.....I'm sure you'll manage.....being the wonderful soul that you are.....great to see you blogging again......


Nat Mardon

Hi Miss Shell!! How I miss you and your gorgeous girls. I have re-found your blog and my your girls are so big now. How is life hun. Love to you and your beautiful family.
Nat :)

Lyn Dwyer

Hi Michelle.......I've been trying to contact you via email with out success......can you please email me asap....would like to know if you can do a Fiskars Craft Clinic in December in Spotlight Newcastle for 3 hours....

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